A few of my favorite pictures captured by my brother-in-law

One of the best purchases I made last year was a Nikon D40 DSLR camera. This camera has made taking pictures a lot more enjoyable compared to the cheap point and shoot cameras I’ve had over the years. For Christmas this year I ordered this Nikon 55-200 VR lens. I’ve only begun to discover how all the different settings influence the picture, but I’m learning as I go.

Luckily, I have a brother-in-law who has been into photography for many years who has taught me everything I know. I’m reminded how much I’ve forgotten when I compare the pictures I’ve taken to his. He has a way of capturing the most compelling expressions at just the right moment. I don’t know how he does it except to believe that it’s a skill that he’s mastered over many years of trial and error. Check out some of his albums here.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures he’s taken of our kids.

I love this picture of Anna Lynn. The way he focused in on her eyes and features while the hair around her face is in a softer focus.


This picture of Lincoln running at the park is one of my favorites. The vibrant colors are fantastic and Warren was able to capture Lincoln looking over his shoulder to see who was chasing after him.


Warren captured Kim’s mom holding Anna, nose to nose, in 2005. Just an amazing shot.


If I had to pick my favorite picture that Warren has taken of our kids it would be this picture. He took this I love Luca’s expression along with the color and the angle. I hope one day I can capture something close to this.


I could add another 200 pictures that Warren has taken that I love. Here is my favorite picture I’ve taken with my Nikon D40. This is Lincoln sitting on our back steps after a run through the sprinklers.


3 thoughts on “A few of my favorite pictures captured by my brother-in-law

  1. It sure is fun taking pictures of your kids, they are so full of expression and just ignore me and do their own thing while I click away. We need to schedule another get together so I can take some more!


  2. Warren does have a real knack for getting expressive shots. It’s nice having a personal photographer in the family.


  3. I love the pictures War has taken of our kids! The only bad thing is it has ruined me with other pictures. I was thinking I should get Kai’s pictures taken, but I decided it would be a waste of time because I would compare them to the newborn pictures you took of our other kids…so we need to get together so I can get some of Kai while he is still little! (among other reasons!)


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