Three Different Styles

Since baby Kai arrived my sleep schedule seems to change on a nightly basis. I get up at 5:45 am each morning to catch my vanpool into Redmond at 6:30 am. If Kai gets up before I need to, I’ll sometimes sneak downstairs and sleep on the couch. Elka will usually follow me down to keep my feet warm as she lounges at the end of the couch. Don’t tell Kim.

If the kids get up early, they will come downstairs to watch cartoons just like I did at their age.

The three oldest kids each have different ways of approaching a sleeping dad since they need my help to turn on the TV and receiver. Here’s where each little personality comes out in spades.

Luca will quietly make her way down the stairs, grab both both remotes, turn on the TV and then kindly ask me to turn on the receiver. She will then snuggle up in two or more blankets on the smaller couch.

Lincoln will sneak down the stairs like a leopard, careful not to make a sound. He’ll wander around in a daze for a bit before stumbling upon the remotes. He’ll sit on the couch quietly until I awake and then ask for my help. He’ll push out the couch cushions so he can hide behind them which he listens to cartoons.

And then there’s Anna Lynn. She’ll wake up and run as fast as she can down the stairs. I don’t know how a 3-year old can replicate the sound of herding elephants but she can. She’ll dash across the room until she’s close enough to perform a cannon-ball type dive onto my stomach ensuring I won’t be getting more sleep. She doesn’t care about the TV or remotes. I’ll wake up, look at her smiling face and she’ll say, “I am awake, dad!!!” like it was a surprise.

As much as I cherish my sleep, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2 thoughts on “Three Different Styles

  1. I like Anna’s attitude. Kind of “Hey world! Aren’t you so glad I am here?!” Lincoln is so polite he doesn’t want to wake you up so he will just wait until he sees your eyelids flicker…and Luca just kinda takes care of whatever she can. She likes to be independent.


  2. And Grandma loves it when she visits and early in the morning she feels one, or two, or three warm bodies snuggle up to her in her bed. My last trip up I told Anna she could wake me up as early as she wanted as long as she sang to me first. I woke up to a beautiful little voice singing beside my bed … and I pretended I was asleep until she finished the entire song. What sweet children!


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