Kindness goes a long way

We have three grocery stores all within about the same distance from our home. I usually head to Fred Meyer first because I know its store layout the best. I also like that I can fill the car up with gas without leaving the parking lot.

But this last week, Kim asked me to pickup a few items on my way home and I was around the corner from Albertsons when she called so I stopped there. As I entered the store I realized I had no idea where anything was situated. I grabbed a cart and started making my way through the store. As I did this I noticed a few things that impressed me:

  1. The shelves were fully stocked at 10 pm.
  2. I didn’t feel like a rat in a maze like I do at Wal-Mart when they clutter the aisles with pallets full of boxes.
  3. The store was well lit. The floors and shelves were clean.
  4. I was able to quickly find the baby food aisle because the aisle signs were big and clear.
  5. All the aisles went the same direction making it easy to see down.

Those were just a few things I noticed while I traversed my way thorough Albertsons. I didn’t pay much attention to the prices but they seemed about the same a Fred Meyer. A 24-pack of Diet Coke was a few dollars less expensive while some of the produce seemed to cost a bit more.

As I approached the check out line, a woman gestured to me that she was opening another line so I walked over to her area and began placing my items on the conveyor belt. I noticed that she stopped the belt twice to take the time to peal off coupons that were stuck to a couple of medications I was purchasing. I hadn’t noticed they were attached, but I was impressed that she took the time to peal them off for me. Before I pulled the 24-pack of Diet Coke off the cart, she kneeled down and scanned it although she was clearly in the latter stages of pregnancy. She was kind and efficient. She had a big smile on her face too which made me feel good.

I left the store in a better mood than when I arrived which usually isn’t the case. Because of the kind service this women provided, I will be returning to Albertsons soon. Eventually, maybe I’ll learn my way around the store.

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