It’s always fun when Grandpa Visits Seattle

When I finished college in 1994 and moved to Seattle for my first (or 2nd) real job, I didn’t plan on staying. I figured I’d gain a few years of experience, contact old friends back in Utah and eventually move back to Salt Lake City.

Other than a year stint in St. George, I’ve remained in the Seattle area going on 13 years and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy living close to a big city and all the attractions that comes with it such as sporting events, concerts, diversity of culture and arts. Occasionally I miss the snow we had in Utah, but I don’t mind the mild temperatures of Seattle and I enjoy the rain.

But one thing we miss by living in Seattle is the proximity of family. Kim’s family all live in St. George, Utah with the exception of her brother who lives 90 minute north of us. My entire family lives in northern Utah so we’re lucky to see them once or twice a year. As our family has grown, it’s become more difficult to plan trips that revolve around seeing every family member. We see our parents a couple of times a year but our siblings don’t make the effort to come up this direction which means we don’t see them much.

This past weekend has been a treat having my father in town for a few days. We blessed our baby, Kai David Nordquist, in church today and my dad made the trip up for that special event. We gave Kai his middle named after my father. We took in a UW Husky basketball game yesterday and watched the Giants pull a major upset of the Patriots tonight. Basically, we hung out and talked about sports, family, church and technology.

Our kids love to see their grandfather. The pull his arms, hug his legs and generally maul him every waking minute of the day. He’s such a good sport with them. No wonder they can’t wait till he arrives and cry when he leaves. Kim’s parents are also fantastic with our kids. Grandparents have a unique way of making the kids feel special. I wish they could see them more than a few times each year.

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