No Coasting Devices allowed

I enjoy coming across awkward signs that exist because one bozo customer tried to pull a fast one. Take this sign near the drive-thru window at Jack-in-the-Box that was plastered next to the “No Smoking” and “Your Comments Welcome” signs:

Walk up guests will not be served at the drive-thru. This includes guests on coasting devices and non-motorized vehicles that have been altered

imageWhat exactly is a “coasting device”? I assume it means a skateboard but that’s more a kick, coast and attempt a “flip the board over” stunt that fails 99% of the time device. Have you ever seen a punk on a skateboard actually land a single trick? I haven’t.

And when is the last time you’ve pulled up to a drive-thru in a non-motorized vehicle that’s been altered? Is this the Fred Flintstone mobile? Or a Razor scooter with a jet engine fastened to the rear? No clue.

I’d love to know what prompted Jack-in-the-Box to print such a sign. I picture some mad scientist floating down to the window via personal jet pack and the poor employee having to decide if that qualifies as a vehicle. So the lawyers got together and came up with a watered down sign that means diddly-squat to the rest of us.

I wish they would include pictures of devices they don’t allow. You know, in case I finally develop that hovercraft I’ve been building in my mind.

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One thought on “No Coasting Devices allowed

  1. Speaking of awkard signs, when I was in New York last December I saw a few signs that seemed to be somewhat unique to the area. In Manhattan there were these street signs that said “No Standing Anytime”.
    I wondered why people were not allowed to stand around that sign until I asked a local what it meant and evidently it refers to sitting in your car idle. Basically, keep moving.
    Then there were these signs that said “No blowing horn except for danger” which are largely ignored from what I can tell despite the additional signs warning of a $350 fine for honking.


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