The Toddler Train

The week we visited family in Utah, we went to this fun kids museum called the Tree House located near the LDS Temple in downtown Ogden. Our kids had a lot of fun playing in each of the different areas. One area had a small classroom setup and the kids took turns playing the teacher or student. Another area had a small fire engine where the kids could dress up in firefighter uniforms and sit up high on the engine and ring a bell and turn the big steering wheel.

But their favorite area of the Tree House was a semi-enclosed area full of these large foam shapes. The kids jumped on them and tossed them at each other until one of them noticed this sign:


I didn’t think a bunch of kids ages 2-6 could put this train together. But they gathered up all the different shapes and started from the front of the train and moved down the line, carefully making sure each piece was a perfect fit.

The biggest challenge was keeping a few of the smaller kids from sitting on the front of the train making the whole thing unstable. I was surprised how well the kids worked together and the train was assembled with only one temper tantrum thrown.

I’d like a home large enough to have something like this train around. It was a nice break from the video and computer games. It was fun to see them work together as some of the larger blocks took two or more kids to move into place.