Lenovo Thinkpad X61

This past week I received a new work laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad X61. The first thing that struck me as I opened the box is how small and lightweight this thing is. I project the screen to a large LCD monitor so I don’t mind the small display since I only use it as a 2nd screen. That means it displays iTunes and Twitter at work.


Thinkpads have always included some of the best keyboards and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s not mushy like the Dell keyboards I’ve used. I’m moving from a Toshiba M5 that includes a larger display, but I don’t miss carrying around all that weight.


  1. Very thin and lightweight
  2. Very fast, even with Vista
  3. Runs very cool
  4. Very quiet
  5. Lenovo driver utility works well
  6. Fantastic keyboard


  1. No finger input pad
  2. No on board DVD (dock or external only)
  3. Price ($3000 fully loaded with 4 GB RAM)
  4. Biometric finger reader awkwardly located

I’ve never been a big fan of laptops till this one. It’s super fast and I’m surprised how well it runs Vista. It flips around so I can run it in tablet mode which I’ve only done a few times. I’m more a keyboard person, but there may be times when it would be helpful to draw a diagram.

But above all I love the size! It’s so thin and lightweight that I can take it anywhere without killing my back. Overall this is a great little machine.

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