The $40 Dockers Jacket

I picked up the jacket on a whim while looking for Levi’s at Mervyn’s about 4 years ago. It’s a lightweight Dockers jacket that cost $40. And it’s black which everyone knows is the only color a jacket should be. I wear this thing everywhere. It’s perfect for our mild Seattle climate.

I’ve worn it so much that it’s starting to show its age. I should have the zipper replaced as well as professionally cleaned. It has the lowest CPW (cost per wear) of any item in my closet. Easily. image

But I’m bummed I’ve not been able to find a duplicate jacket. I’ve looked everywhere. I found one with a cotton lining, but that’s too heavy. It must be lightweight. And it must have a pocket on the inside for my cell phone. Next to the pocket is a small logo of a brick phone from the 80’s. Somehow that’s fitting.

It’s the perfect jacket. It can’t be improved upon. I’ll continue to check eBay. I’ve stopped by every Dockers outlet we’ve come across hoping to snag one. I have Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Helly Hansen jackets costing much more that hang in the closet, season after season.

I’ve never spent a better $40.

4 thoughts on “The $40 Dockers Jacket

  1. I know how you feel, I have a jacket I bought 7 years ago from Costco for 40 dollars, and ever since it is my favorite winter time in seattle jacket. It is black of course, and has that same brick phone pocket. Waterproof, and if it gets colder i just wear my North Face jacket underneath.


  2. mate, i know how you feel, you have described this jacket perfectly well, and well, i love it, my dads got one from 7years ago, but i have fallen in love with it, ive been looking now for near on 2years for this jacket, not a sign of it anywhere, it truley is the best jacket known to man!!!!!!!


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