Akula Schokolade

Just another reason I love Twitter so much.

A few weeks back I twittered how much I enjoy European chocolate that I’d buy all the time when I lived in Germany. My favorite is called Kinder Schokolade (Kids Chocolate) and when my coworkers would travel to Europe I’d sweet talk them into bringing me back as much as they could fit in an extra suitcase. They never let me down.

One of my favorite Twitter followers saw my posts about the chocolate and Photoshopped this Kinder Schokolade wrapper.

I believe I’ve bought enough chocolate that a commemorative wrapper of my own wouldn’t be out of line.

Note: Akula is the alias I’ve used since 1994 for instant messaging, Twitter and such. Akula was the name of the first web server I built when I worked at a Seattle based ISP called Wolfe Internet. Over the years I’ve been told that Akula means “shark” in Russian. I’ve also been told it’s a class of submarine. For what it’s worth, I don’t speak Russian nor am I Marine so I can’t verify the validity of such claims.


8 thoughts on “Akula Schokolade

  1. In packing up my stuff for moving, I found some more Kinder hidden under a magazine in my apartment, mmm.


  2. Andrew, I’ve wondered the same thing. I hear Schaar may have found some while cleaning out his apartment. Jenn might be stashing some away as well. It’s worth a shot.


  3. Ha ha Brett! That wrapper is awesome! And how funny that you direct me to this post about YOUR favorite chocolate. About a month ago, our daughter’s “friend” *wink, wink* who is serving his mission in France, sent us a package of this exact same chocolate! There were I think 7 or 8 bars of the delicious confection (‘were’ being the key word here). Ahhhhh, when are American chocolate makers going to clue in on how to make REAL chocolate?!?


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