The Error of My Ways

As a dad, I’ve made a number of mistakes. I’ve failed to use fabric softener on a number of occasions which means the kids clothes come out of the dryer looking like a gigantic cotton bolus. I’ve given the kids Diet Coke and filled the bath water to questionable depths. I’ve even been known to let the kids watch the Forensic Files with me when their mom is running errands. Call the Family and Social Services hotline if you must.

Most of my mistakes are quickly forgiven or forgotten by the next morning. But the mistake I made two weeks ago has lingered, and the kids continue to point out my big blunder. If they had access to a large, red capital “L”, I’m sure they’d paste it to my forehead.

You might wonder what I could have done that would cause my oldest child to proclaim, “Boy, dad, you blew it”. Well, in my defense, I didn’t intentionally try to disappoint anyone. All I tried to do was update our DirecTV programming from their website. DirecTV recently sent me a notice saying my programming package had changed and that I needed to select one of their new packages. I logged in and selected what I thought was a comparable package.

But it wasn’t long before the error of my ways was brought to my attention by my son who asked, “Hey dad, how come that one station that shows Scooby Doo doesn’t work anymore?”. That was soon followed by my daughter telling a friend “My Dad broke the TV”.

screen_2008-04-20 20.05.31 
No Boomerang is making me very angry

Well, I’ve broken a number of things around the house but I’ve never been accused of breaking the TV. But I did make the mistake of selecting the “wrong” programming package that didn’t include the Boomerang cartoon channel and several others the kids were accustomed to watching. 

So Scooby Doo is back. So is Sylvester and Tweety. And who can forget Marvin the Martian. Next time I need to update our programming, I’ll just ask Luca to take care of it. I’m obviously not the skilled internet wonder dad I thought I was.

4 thoughts on “The Error of My Ways

  1. I was about ready to call social services on you myself! The Goodnight Show is one thing I can turn on and leave the room for awhile and not worry about inappropriate content for our three year old. I actually had to monitor the television the past couple of weeks!


  2. LOL! How could you! Sounds like you broke a big cardinal rule around your household. Not that I can blame you for choosing the lesser package with the recent price hike at DTV, I want to do the same but I’m afraid of what would happen especially after reading this post now 😛

    At least it was an easy mistake to fix though, it’s not like you forgot to pay the bill and they shut your service off or anything 🙂


  3. This is so funny, Brett. It reminds me of when you lived in Ivins and I went over to tend and the kids looked so sad when I didn’t take Grandpa. Luca said, “But Grandma doesn’t know how to work the Tivo.”


  4. I had filled the bath to questionable depths too when my kids were little, but my worst, (and I wasn’t even his dad) my son’s 8 year old friend was sleeping over for the weekend (I was a divorced single dad by then) & we enjoyed a weekend movie marathon of Running Man, Last Action Hero, Total Recall, Terminator, Terminator 2 & Predator. Absolute classics I thought.
    When he went home & told his mum how cool they were…. Boy did she have a piece of me!!!

    Just a side point: The 8 year old’s Mum has now been my wife for the past 12 years & she still remembers Aaron’s Shwarzenegger Movie Fest


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