Cheering For The Kids

At my daughter’s soccer game today, Luca took a pass near mid field, dribbled the ball towards the goal with several opposing players running alongside. She neared the goal and gave the ball one last kick which launched it into the goal.

She jumped up and down and ran towards her fellow players and they all hugged and jumped and then jumped some more. Her coach cheered. The parents on our side of the field cheered.

And then I noticed something inspiring. The parents from the other team who were sitting on the opposite side of the field were cheering just as enthusiastically for Luca. So was the other coach. He wasn’t yelling at his team for allowing a score or pacing the sidelines. And it wasn’t just this one instance. When one of the opposing players made a nice kick or score, the parents on Luca’s team cheered as did her coach.

Luca in yellow and her friend, Halley

I believe this is how it should be at this age. I’ve heard the horror stories of parents bulling coaches, opposing players and even their own children when they don’t perform well. At this point it becomes more about the parents than the kids and that’s wrong.

I can’t help but believe Luca’s confidence is boosted higher when she notices everyone cheering her on. It doesn’t take any of the competitive fun away to acknowledge a good play even when it’s a player from the other team. I wish all youth team sports could show this level of sportsmanship.

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4 thoughts on “Cheering For The Kids

  1. That’s inspiring to hear how everyone cheers when there is a good play on either team. I wish it was like that in life period. We all need a good cheer now and then. Luca sounds like she’s getting a lot of good skills at soccer. I wish I could be there to watch and cheer!


  2. Forest played baseball last year and is playing again this year. One of the things that I absolutely loved was the genuine cheering and encouragement from everyone. Well at least on our side of Home. We would cheer for the other team’s boys when they had a good hit or made a great catch. It was so neat. I’m so anxious to start games again this year. We had such a blast as a family. Well Aaron and I did. The kids just liked going for ice cream afterwards.


  3. The thing I loved about it too was that Luca’s friend from school, who was on the opposing team, cheered and was excited for Luca when she made a goal. After the game they ran right for each other and hugged and swung each other around.

    Soccer has been so much more enjoyable for ME than I ever would have thought. The running around and watching games in the sleet, rain, and cold wind hasn’t always been fun, but I love to watch them increase their skills and stick it out. They haven’t complained in the crummy weather and they look forward to practice and games every time. I love to see how their coaches high five them after a good play and Lincoln’s will even pick him up and give him a big hug.

    Having kids in soccer this past year has been one of the biggest highlights for me.


  4. That is probably why many young children of 12-13 years olda bandon their sporting activities; this beautiful attitude from parents who disappears as the children grow older. And yet, there is no reason that it cease even if your child reaches high levels of competition. Success should never be made to the detriment of others. Don’t worry, you won’t harm the success of your child by congratulating his opponent beautiful shots. ‘Au contraire’, you may even display a positive image to your own child and a better attitude on his part.

    Thanks for the nice story 😉


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