Under New Management

Have you ever tried a new restaurant, mechanic, or hair stylist because you saw a gigantic banner hanging outside their establishment proclaiming it’s now UNDER NEW MANAGMENT? It’s become a running joke with Kim to the point that whenever we spot such a sign we immediately tell each other how we can hardly wait to do business with the new manager.

An outdated apartment complex down the road from our home proudly displays such a banner, and I wonder if they truly believe someone will pack up and move there just because they have a new manager?  I wonder if potential tenants would be more impressed if all the broken down cars were removed? Or how about doing a little painting around the place? Maybe fix up the tennis courts or a pool a bit before announcing the big management change. You know, a visible improvement besides the fancy new banner.

I’ve seen these confusing banners around our small town. Not once have I thought about visiting that grubby teriyaki joint just because someone new signs the paychecks. Yet there’s that sign telling everyone who wasn’t a customer under the old manager that big changes are in store. Give us a try now that we kicked our old manager to the curb. It’s our way of saying, please give us another chance to make a better first impression.

I’d like to suggest a new sign for businesses that believe a banner is the key to increasing business: Under Better Management. Under New Management doesn’t say much. The new manager might be just as bad, if not worse, than the old one. But if a better manager took over the local theater offering a free large popcorn, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t at least consider swinging by for a matinee. The outgoing manager’s feeling might get hurt when he spots the new sign, but that’s nothing a decent severance package can’t soften.

By the way, this blog is under new AND BETTER management.

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  1. This is the first time that I have read your blog, because I highly value Joonitree’s recommendations – and she is right! I really enjoy the way you write, and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.


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