What’s Taking So Long?

I’ve uninstalled hundreds of Windows programs over the years. Most just take a few seconds to remove. Maybe a few minutes to get rid of a larger applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite.

But I’ve never had a product tell me it’s going to take OVER 2 HOURS to uninstall itself like Tunebite did tonight.

I could install a fresh copy of Windows XP in 148 minutes.

I could watch the extended version of the Blue Brothers in exactly 148 minutes.

I could burn off about 2000 calories on our treadmill in 148 minutes.

I could do 4 loads of laundry and still forget to add fabric softener in 148 minutes.

I could listen to Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon 3.5 times in 148 minutes.

That’s almost enough time to round up my kids and tuck them into bed.

But not quite.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Taking So Long?

  1. LOL that’s awful!

    Are you on your way to upgrade to Vista? I’d really be interesting in hearing about that experience again now that SP1 is out 🙂


  2. In 148 minutes, I could cook ‘Minute Rice’ 74 times.

    In 148 minutes, I could watch the first three minutes of “All About Trucks” 49.3 times.

    In 148 minutes, I could remove the ‘skip back’ button on my sons’ DVD player 396 times.


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