Elka Turns Eight

Eight years ago Kim held a cute and very squirmy boxer puppy on her lap as I drove north towards Seattle. We’d just picked up our new baby from a breeder in Chehalis, WA. I believe she was about eight or nine weeks old at the time and we’ve enjoyed her exuberant and attentive personality ever since.

She’s not as active as she used to be, but she still loves to play with the kids, chase squirrels, and watch over our home. I can’t imagine having a better dog for our family. I hope she’s with us for many years to come, although we understand that boxers, on average, don’t live as long as many other breeds.

Kim took this picture of Elka enjoying the sun in our backyard today.


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One thought on “Elka Turns Eight

  1. OH I love Elka! She’s thinks I”m her natural born grandma and loves to sleep by me when I visit. She is the sweetest lady and so loving. I hope she is around a long time too.


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