Send Windows Live Messenger to Weight Watchers

For years I’ve used Mess Patch to customize Windows Messenger and it’s done a decent job. My main problem with the program was that some of the customizations were not explained well and one had to be a Messenger power user in order to understand some of the feature descriptions. But it was the only product I knew that would remove ads so I continued to use it.

But a friend recently told me about A-Patch which feels like a more polished version of the Mess Patch. But it has one killer feature: Real time preview. This allows you to see how your selections will look before making any changes to Messenger.

A few of my favorite features include:

  1. Removes all ads (from Main and Message windows)
  2. Customizes the tool bar (No more Windows Spaces or Live Today buttons)
  3. Removes the Search Bar
  4. Disables Nudges, Winks and all that stuff that belongs on MySpace
  5. Enables more than 3 file transfers at a time

The first chat program I installed (not including MIRC) was ICQ and I loved it until it become a bloated piece of junk. I moved to Microsoft Messenger because it was small, fast and didn’t include a bunch of useless features.

But now the same level of bloat that happened to ICQ is happening to Windows Live Messenger. But with the help of A-Patch you can put Live Messenger on a diet once and for all.

2 thoughts on “Send Windows Live Messenger to Weight Watchers

  1. I can add another web program to your toolbox of software you no longer have to install. No matter what popular IM client you use, will deliver. You can use accounts for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber. If you have multiple accounts, you can sign in to them simultaneously. Customize the interface, create & join chat rooms. No ads. Plugins for Firefox. IM notifications via audio & visual cues even if window isn’t active. Check it out, pretty slick.


  2. A few coworkers use Meebo and like it. I’ll give it a try. Any opportunity I have to get rid of another installed application is a good one. I assume it stores my contacts the way MSN does so I don’t have to add them all again?


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