My Favorite Computer Mod

As I installed a new intake fan on my PC this weekend I realized how much I’ve come to appreciate having casters on my case. I bought a Lian Li case six years ago and it’s been the home to four motherboards and countless controller cards.

If you’re familiar with Lian Li you know they make some of the best crafted, best looking all-aluminum cases around. But they can be large and cumbersome to move once everything has been installed especially if you’re one to update and change components regularly. They are also expensive so you’ll want to keep from them dents and scratches the best you can,

Not long after I bought the case, I came across an article about installing casters using parts available at Home Depot which had a number of different models and sizes. As you can see from the picture, I went with a larger size than I probably needed but they roll easily over carpet. Cost: 12 bucks. 

All it took to install was a measuring tape, small drill and bit along with a set of small screws that came with the casters. It took less than 30 minute to install all four all four casters. I spent more time putting the motherboard and controller cards back in place and cleaning up the aluminum shavings.

If you have young kids the casters provide hours of cheap entertainment as you give them rides around the house on a metal box that’s always on the edge of tipping over. It’s that chance of spectacular face plant that gives the ride an extra ingredient of excitement. Note to dads: This feature is best experienced when mom is shopping for expensive skin supplies, fabric or other items guys don’t comprehend.

Here’s my case laying on its side after I installed a PCI parallel card to support my old HP LaserJet 4L printer.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Computer Mod

  1. I’ve had Lian Li for nearly as long myself. Bought a full tower monster case 3-4 years ago and love it. My wife thinks it is overkill, but I love being able to practically crawl inside it to work on things. If I wanted I could put like 12 hard drives in it! Best cases I have ever owned.


  2. Brandon, it’s amazing how well made these cases are. You pay dearly for them, but I consider them a bargain given how long they last. Does your case have the removable motherboard tray? That’s probably my favorite feature. I believe my model is the PC60 although it’s changed from the current PC60 model you can buy today.


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