It Has Cookies In It

Whenever I tell Kim I have a few errands to run her immediate response is, “Which kids are you taking along?” Now that we have four children ages 7 and under you’d assume splitting them up fairly would be routine by now.

But it’s anything but routine because of the Anna Lynn rule which states that if you assume responsibility for her, the other parent must take the other three children including any pets. It’s only fair and totally reasonable if you’ve met our four-year old daughter.

But today I convinced Kim that, since Luca was at a friend’s house, I should be able to take only Lincoln along for a few errands. He was so well behaved the whole time that I decided stop by Baskin Robbins on the way home.

Taking my oldest daughter to Baskin Robbins is an exercise in patience because she can’t make up her mind. She’ll ask to sample a few flavors, changing her mind with each tiny scoop. After the employee has become visibly agitated wondering if we’re going to order anything, she’ll give up and say, “Just choose a flavor for me”.

One scoop of vanilla, please.

But taking my son is an entirely different experience. He’s already selected his flavor well before we pull into the parking lot. This gives him plenty of time to:

  1. Open the freezer doors
  2. Finger paint a butt on the inside of freezer door
  3. Check the tip jar

I don’t even have to ask what flavor he wants because he always wants Cookies and Cream in a wafer cone and “not a cup because that’s what mom makes us have and it’s not as fun”.

But my favorite part of the whole errand and ice cream excursion is sitting down at the table where he can pepper me with question after question. Today he asked me if I knew why he always wants Cookies and Cream and I told him, no, I don’t know why. He said, “Because it has COOKIES IN IT!”

Now I know.