They Took My Bribe

OK, so there were no bribes exchanged but I’m certain my half dozen regular readers will be shocked to hear that Sampa listed Nordquist Blog as one of the 10 Daddy Blogs You Should Read.

Yep, you read that correctly. image

No, really.

I came in at #3 on ahead of the juggernaut of all Daddy Blogs, MetroDad

This could be the tipping point I’ve been waiting for. An interview with Oprah can’t be far behind.

But seriously, check out the list and you’ll find hours of good reading. I’m honored to be mentioned among this group of bloggers who are a lot more polished than I am.

Each blog on the list is worth a read but Creative-Type Dad and A Family Runs Through It are the two I can relate to the best.

And thank you Sampa for making my day.