The Couch Cushion Fort

My parents had an old brown and orange couch with big puffy cushions that I’d assemble into my own Bat Cave. It was my own little domain. At least for a few minutes before the whole thing would collapse and I’d scramble to get the cushions back on the couch before mom busted me.

So it’s no wonder my kids love making their own couch cushion fort. I’m not sure what Kim and I were thinking when we bought this set of furniture a couple of years ago. We should have recognized the cushions were removable and put 2 and 2 together.

The forts my kids build are a lot more complex than those I assembled. Luca and Lincoln will use blankets, chairs, brooms and the treadmill to create a fort with several rooms. I’m amazed at how much time they will spend preparing the fort and making sure each area is stable.

I don’t love the mess a broken down fort in the basement leaves, but I enjoy sneaking into the room and listening to them make plans deciding who gets which part of the fort.

I always blow my own cover when I start laughing at their plans. Eventually I end up chasing the kids through the fort till it falls to the ground. That’s when I’m left folding the blankets while the kids put the cushions back on the couch in a manner only they understand.

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