Sunflower Seeds

I started snacking on sunflower seeds my sophomore year in high school during baseball season. It was either seeds or chewing tobacco and “the chew” grossed me out back then as much as it does today. Plus, my dad was my coach and he would have kicked my butt to Provo if he caught me packing a cheek full of Skoal Bandits. The cool name was overshadowed by the lip cancer.

I still love sunflower seeds though and I keep a few packs at my computer at all times. Kim can’t stand stand the sound I make while cracking them but it’s the whole spitting the shell into the plastic cup that drives her to turn up thimagee music to drown out the sound. But I continue to snack on seeds because:

  1. They are a low carb snack
  2. They have a lot of fiber
  3. They take some skill to crack open
  4. My kids can’t figure out how to eat them
  5. They come in Ranch flavor (YES!)
  6. Their motto is “Eat. Spit. Be Happy”
  7. They remind me of baseball season and many great memories

Lately my kids have been asking to try some so I give them a single seed and watch them try to crack it open. The first time I gave Lincoln one he played with it for a few minutes before popping it in his mouth and eating the shell and seed. He’s not asked for another once since then.

But today Luca figured out how to bite down on the shell to extract the seed and I was more proud than disappointed now that I’ll have a partner in crime. One of these days I’ll have to show her how to crack through a cheek full of seeds.

Kim’s going to need a louder set of speakers.

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