An Answer for Everything

Maybe it’s a trait all big sisters possess,but I’ve noticed that Luca always has an answer to Lincoln’s questions no matter how off the wall they may be.

Last night I enlisted the kids help to wash both my black car and mom’s white van. I gave Luca and Lincoln two rags to wipe down the car. They dipped their rags into the bucket of sudsy water and were enjoying themselves until they noticed I’d given Anna a huge pink sponge to do the same. I still can’t believe I made such an amateur mistake. I should have given each kid the same size and color rag so they wouldn’t argue over the sponge. I thought chants of "Hey dad, how come we don’t get a BIG PINK SPONGE??!!" would be followed by, "You must only love Anna". I learned my lesson and it won’t happen again.

So I began to hose down the cars while the kids rotated the sponge on a perfectly timed schedule to ensure no one had the sponge 2 seconds longer than the others. Lincoln looked up with soap on his cheeks and asked, "How come dad’s car is always cleaner than moms?" Before I could answer, Luca said, "Because mom has to clean stuff in the house all day and she’s tired of cleaning".

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3 thoughts on “An Answer for Everything

  1. Ha! Dan, I like that method. Brett has learned that if he cleans his car mine better get cleaned to. All I have to do is point out that his gets to park in the garage and doesn’t haul kids around all day so if there is only time to clean one car it is MINE!


  2. Good answer, Luca! Plus the fact that the kids usually are riding in Mom’s car … if you ever have to answer that question again!

    I love your blog, Brett. It’s such a fun way to keep up on those cute kids!


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