The Dog Days of Summer

In the B.K. (before kids) era I convinced Kim that we should have a dog. It didn’t take much convincing because she grew up with a beagle and a shar pei. Most of her memories of these dogs were positive except the time the shar pei ate a litter of kittens.

We  spent weekends at the bookstore researching breeds and asking many owners how they felt about the breed they owned. After a lot of research we decided to get a boxer. Having a boxer puppy around the house was a lot of fun mixed with moments of frustration. She bonded with me during the first few years. I attended the puppy pre-school classes with her and she learned to obey me a little better than she did Kim. Maybe it had something to do with Kim not allowing her to sleep on the couch or beds.


But over the past few years she’s become very attached to Kim. Elka has a puffy bed I place between my computer and Kim’s yet Elka would rather lay on the hard carpet next to Kim’s feet. She’s excited when I come home from work but she prefers to follow Kim around the house watching her every move.

Our children adore Elka and she loves them back with lots of wet kisses. We feel safest when Elka is keeping watch over our kids as they play in our backyard, and Kim likes having a big dog in the house when I’m out of town.

When we picked her up from the breeder just over eight years ago, he told us that if we took care of her properly, we’d receive 10 times the love and companionship in return. I laughed it off at the time, but he he was right.

Except he was off by a factor of 10. 

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One thought on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. I’m glad she also loves all four of her grandparents. I think Elka and I bonded eternally when we survived the earthquake together. She is now one of the grandkids;


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