A Few Things I Love About Our Kids

I love when Lincoln tries to give me a ‘wet willy’

I love when Luca gently kisses my cheek each night when I tuck her in bed.

I love when Anna says, “Dad, you being bad. Go to your room” when I don’t give her more than one Tic Tac.

I love when Kai takes my finger, squeezes it and then tried to bite it.

I love when Anna puts on my dress shoes and flops around the house like a clown.


I love to see how happy they get when their grandparents come to visit. (That’s a picture of my father with Luca, Anna and Lincoln during his last visit)

I love taking Luca to Dairy Queen where she’s unable to decide what flavor of ice cream and finally says in her raspy voice, “Dad, you just pick”.

I love when Lincoln asks me questions that are difficult to answer like, “What’s under the ocean?”

I love when Luca tells me how to work the Tivo, the Nintendo or the microwave.

I love when the kids sit on top of me while laughing at the Smurfs while I don’t understand a thing about the show. 

I love bringing up the Tivo menu ready to watch Top Gear and realizing the kids Scooby Doo marathon on Boomerang pushed it off the list to record.

I love lifting Lincoln up to the ceiling and then dropping him onto his bed taking his breath away.

I love listening to the kids say the prayer on the food and including everything under the sun (pets, friends, toys) except a blessing on the food.

I love the outfits Anna puts together like the one today that consisted of an orange summer dress, purple tights and one shoe and one sandal.

I love when the kids run down the stairs to tell me they’ve found a spider so big and so mean that only I could get it.

I love watching Anna eat a bowl of applesauce and wondering how so much ended up in her ears and hair.

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2 thoughts on “A Few Things I Love About Our Kids

  1. Hey Brett,
    Great list. Brings back some great memories.

    Of course the questions and the things that come up will be much different when the get older.

    “Help me learn to drive”
    Why are my daughters underwear sexier than my wife’s?
    They are recording TLC and not my baseball game.
    “Is my makeup on right?”
    “Can we go clothes shopping?”

    I bet you can’t wait. Good luck and continue to have fun.


  2. Great notes. My kids are in the same age range and it is neat to look at how right on they can be and how different they all are.

    Also the picture is great.


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