My Rebounding Team

A few sunny days daisy chained together means the kids have begged and dragged me to spend time with them in the front yard. They like to ride bikes around the little island at the end of our street, run through the sprinklers and play basketball.

Anna Lynn before she wore down chasing my errant shots

Well, they can’t really shoot baskets but they think they can. The island is home to a regulation size basketball hoop and the kids are mesmerized by it. Luca is strong enough to granny toss the ball through the hoop maybe 5% of the time. Lincoln and Anna can’t get it close but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Most of their shots ricochet off the curb and smack into the neighbors Lexus (it’s Canadian) van. Serves them right for parking it on the curb in front of our house!

Lincoln’s helmet speaks volumes to my shot making ability

I like to shoot baskets as well and I’ve devised a plan whereby I can shoot nonstop for while: I agree to go into the front yard if the kids will act as rebounders. I shoot the ball and the kids go running after it. I see how quickly they can return the ball to me. They love it. I love it. It’s a win/win.

Some days I’m draining threes and I get a lot of shots off because they kids don’t have to run as much. But today I was tossing bricks which means the kids got a workout. I knew I was having an off day when Lincoln went to the garage to retrieve a helmet.

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