5 of My Favorite Freebies

  1. The Business Brickyard – This is a wonderful little book that’s available for download in PDF format. Tiny chunks of great advice! Yes, it’s geared to those in business but the topics and lessons are varied and should interest a wide audience. I loved the chapter called “Singles and Doubles”.
  2. Favtape – My favorite mashup service. Just feed it your Pandora URL or Last.fm username and it creates an instant mixtape you can share. Here’s a link to mine.
  3. CCleaner – Consider it the Dust Buster for those times when the party is over but there’s chips and bottles scattered around your apartment. You will not believe how many programs leave your computer littered with crap. This finds the hidden dirt and takes it to the curb.
  4. Killer Wallpaper – So you cleaned up your PC with CCleaner but want to spiff up your desktop a bit? Check out this amazing collection wallpaper to suit many screen sizes and tastes. I enjoy looking through the collection geared to those with dual monitors.
  5. Free Flash Games – I found this site a long time ago and my kids love it. The music and games are fantastic. This one is my favorite.

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