Child’s Play

The images are nearly impossible to avoid. So are the headlines splattered across many magazines lined up near the checkout counter at the super market. Large fonts in annoying colors at just the right height for my 7 year old daughter to read.

At least the Cosmo cover is hidden so she doesn’t ask me about “His Secret PLEASURE ZONE”.

The one magazine cover topic that bothers me more than the others is the teen pregnancy. Of course, it’s never mentioned in such pedestrian terms. No, we only hear the unique baby name the mother and father-be-be-named later has selected. We get the inside scoop on the thousands of dollars being tossed at a new nursery in the latest trendy colors and fabrics. We see the obligatory but empty Bugaboo stroller just waiting for the photo-op on Rodeo Drive.

My favorite is the picture of the car seat in the back of the Range Rover. How cute is that!?

Fathers are optional. In fact, it’s more exciting when the real father is a mystery. But if that’s not possible we’ll accept narrowing the pool down to two or three sperm donors.

The July 21 cover of Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby is the new standard for making teen pregnancy sound exciting and lots of fun. Check out the tag line:

“Being a mom is the best feeling in the world!”image

Great message this sends to millions of teens also looking to have their own best feelings. Except they won’t have People, US or OK magazine waiting outside the delivery room with a check for a few million enabling the new mom to hire maids, cooks and trainers.

Because the follow up cover photos can’t possibly show a mom with stretch marks or any signs she delivered a baby 10 days ago.

There are 4.25 million new mothers each year in the US.

425,000 are teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19.


What irks me most is how the responsibilities of raising a child are portrayed in the media as being little more than attending a Build a Bear workshop. Find a guy and you too can enjoy the excitement of playing house with your new baby bear!

Just don’t expect any care packages from Tom and Katie.

The real heroes are the mothers raising children away from the the cameras and airbrushed photo sessions. They don’t outsource the stuff that’s not fun.

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4 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. I agree, Brett. There are plenty of distorted messages thrown around by the media in all of its forms. It makes people unsatisfied with “normal” relationships and living standards.


  2. As a dad of three daughters I agree with you about our mass media and its coddling of these teens and their “mistakes”.

    Fortunately, mine have all looked at these pictures and have said the same thing, “what was she thinking about!”….

    Makes a father proud.


  3. I blame all the people my Dad calls the “pinky liberals” for this one. Wanting to make sure Jamie Lynn feels like her mistake wasn’t really a mistake. What a bunch of crap!

    By the way…just kidding about the liberal part…hehe

    On a serious note teen pregnancy scares me since I have daughters of my own. I think ensuring that as parents we take the responsibility to teach our children correct and morale principles our children will recognize the issue here just like what Mike mentioned in his comment.


  4. LOL, great tirade Brett!! I agree whole-heartedly though. I will happily stand in the longer “family friendly” line at Freddy’s just so I don’t have to see all that crap. It’s like a car wreck, you can’t look away!!


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