The In-Between Times

We loaded the kids in the Odyssey yesterday afternoon and headed to lunch at a Mongolian Grill that’s one of their favorites. On the way home from lunch Kim wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s.

Too many things can go wrong when we take the kids into the store. One or two will get lost or some accidental shoplifting will occur so it’s best I stay back with the kids and send Kim into the store alone.

The minute mom is out of the car the kids yell, “MAKE UP A GAME, DAD!!” Yesterday we played a game called “Name the Grandpa or Grandma” where I give them a small detail and they tell me which of the grandparents it pertains to. Lots of the questions revolve around pets since my parents have a big dog and Kim’s parents have a tiny one. 

The kids smile and laugh and yell and don’t mind waiting for mom to return. These small slices of time with my kids are some of my favorite. It’s life unplanned. Impromptu games and laughs and joy fill the car. No radio or Nintendo required.

The kids love planned events. It gives them something to look forward to. But they love these in-between times as well. It’s ok to make faces, sing goofy songs and make fart sounds.

The party comes to a close when I sound the mom alert. The kids think it’s fun to settle down like nothing happened. But they can never keep from giggling while mom loads the groceries in the trunk.

I think mom might be on to us. But she probably likes her 15 kid-free minutes too much to say anything.

2 thoughts on “The In-Between Times

  1. My kids learned a lot of things from their dad during those times … like “We three kings of orient are, tried to smoke a loaded cigar … BOO
    M” They never were able to sing that song correctly after that which didn’t get dad extra points with me, hehe. They learned scout hiking songs as well like “great green globs” … yuk. I’m sure he’s the one that first introduced them to fart sounds as well.


  2. Is it me or does it seem like every town has a Mongolian Grill (or in our case Bar-B-Que) place. Great game with the kids. Mine are too old, and they’ve heard the stories about Grandmas and Grandpas so many times.

    Love Trader Joes. My local market (Ralphs) closed for remodeling, so Traders is my weekly shop. Love the “inexpensive” wine and they have the best frozen chicken breasts.


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