Hold Them While I Can

Some nights I come to bed only to find one of our kids sprawled across my side. I blame Kim because she piles fancy pillows so high no kid can resist dozing off in a cloud of high thread count comfort.

When this happens it’s my duty to relocate the child back to his or her own bed. That’s what happened last night when I found Luca stretched across my side of the bed hogging every pillow she could get her little arms around.

I gently picked her up and rested her head on my shoulder. Her warm body flopped like a rag doll as I tried not to wake her. Her room is next door, but I wish it were a couple football fields away.


It won’t be long before she’ll be too big to hold. The same goes for Lincoln and Anna Lynn. And the way Kai is growing who knows?

I think back to the time Kim and I made a list of “must have” items we needed to purchase before our first baby arrived. The number of products friends and family recommended was overwhelming. They included high chairs, play pens, strollers, bouncy seats, exersaucers, or jumping jacks. 

If could go back in time, I’d remove nearly all of them off the list and savor the few years I have to hold them next to me. Kai loves it when I hold him close to my face and smile while he tries to chew on my cheek, nose or chin. That’s hard to accomplish if he’s on the floor.

When I returned home late from work tonight I kicked back on the couch ready to watch the Olympics. Before I could push the Tivo button, Lincoln and Anna were snuggled up next to me.

I flipped the channel to Dragon Tails to entice them to stay longer.

The Olympics can wait.

4 thoughts on “Hold Them While I Can

  1. This is very true. My kids are 7,5, and 1. The 7 year old is already almost too big to carry, and we miss is.


  2. What a sweet post, and sweet moments with your kids. It’s posts like these that make me wish that my wife and I already had kids. Well, what can you do? Treasure those moments my friend. You have a way with words.


  3. Thanks for sharing. Mine are obviously wayyyy too big to carry, but thank God they still want to snuggle on the couch with their old man once in awhile. Enjoy this time while you can…


  4. Try getting ready to send one off to college in a few weeks. Imagine the thoughts I’m feeling right now. So glad I went home to give her a blessing and to administer some hugs.


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