If Only

I spent the evening at the home of my boss who own a gorgeous home out in the country. Not only is his home gorgeous, it’s a large home on 25 acres and includes a barn, guest home and lots of pasture for his three horses. As I stood on the porch, I watched 3 deer walk across the grass  It’s such a peaceful setting.

As he gave me a tour of his home, I thought to myself, “I’d be a lot happier if I had a home this big”. 

After a few hours, I left his house and drove through a maze of twisty, dimly lit roads to my much smaller home that’s probably not much bigger than his barn. Our home is not decorated as well nor does it have fancy landscaping, exotic stones or many deer passing through the yard. The grass is a little longer than it should be and there are toys scattered throughout the backyard.

It certainly isn’t on par with the house I just visited.

And then I started thinking.

If I had a bigger home I wouldn’t see my kids as much.

If I had a bigger home I wouldn’t be able to hear my kids laugh themselves silly.

If I had a bigger home I wouldn’t overhear the funny stories they tell each other.

Then then I realized that a bigger home wouldn’t make me any happier because I’m already as happy as a father can be.

8 thoughts on “If Only

  1. I would never want a house so big that I’d have to hire staff to run the place.

    We have 3000 sq. ft on just under a half-acre, and that’s more than enough for me to handle. Not only am I content, but I’m worn out. 🙂


  2. At the age your kids are (and mine) they would just hover near you and your wife anyways. But once they were teenagers you would never see them again “I was in room 12 dad, west wing”.


  3. Brilliant. I wish more dads would realize this. I wish I would realize this more often.

    Although, my 600 sq ft apartment could probably use some expanding. That’s just me.


  4. I would take some more square feet, but I think 3500 would be the highest I would go. I already feel too spread out being in a two level house compared to the ramblers we have lived in. My dream home is a U shaped rambler with windows that all face into the courtyard/backyard so we can hear and watch the kids from where ever we are in the house.


  5. kim, that is exactly the type of house i would build. but maily because i have always wanted my home to be more connected to the outdoors. i would want windows and lots of glass doors around the court yard so that it could be opened up in nice weather to feel like another part of the house and to let in plenty of natural light.

    i have never wanted a big house though. who wants to clean that much house!!! but i too enjoy the closeness that a smaller house provides a family. another room or two wouldn’t hurt our little apartment but most of the time i’m quite content with our little place.


  6. I love this post Brett! Your perspective is dead on. I have mixed feelings about the “big house” issue. We have 8000 sq. feet and one acre of fully landscaped yard. It’s more work than you can even imagine. Needless to say I cannot even begin to keep up with it. Regularly I will lose a kid in the house and it can take a while to finally find them. However it is great for big family gatherings (until all 92 of them leave and I’m left with 8000 sq feet to clean up and an acre with popsicle sticks and paper cups littered all over it!).

    And I LOVE Grandma Henke’s comment! It’s so true – if you build it, they will come! 😉


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