The Fun Never Stops

Here’s my favorite of the numerous Sarah Palin cartoons found at MSNBC. Each day we find out something new about McCain’s choice for VP that’s more fitting for Entertainment Tonight than a national election. Now McCain tells us he’s sent a team to Alaska to look into Palin’s background in more detail. Shouldn’t have he done that before he thrust her onto the national stage?

Part of me feels bad for Ms. Palin because this feels similar to when Bush nominated his pal, Harriet Miers, for the US Supreme Court when she was clearly out of her league. The choice was such a disaster than even Bush supporters lambasted the selection which lead to Miers withdrawing her nomination.

Could we see the same thing happen with Palin? I personally hope she stays in the race and McCain is forced to deal with the distractions as a consequence of not fully vetting her.

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2 thoughts on “The Fun Never Stops

  1. That’s great!! I am completely baffled by this whole Palin thing. Who in the world is she and what does she bring to the table?
    I love the bottom left corner, “Apologies to Hasbro.”


  2. Being on the other side of the table in this debate, I was listening to NPR (usually a liberal slant) and the commentator said that she went through the same basic vetting that all the other candidates did as well. An indepth vetting in her home state/city would have put the press onto his possible choice.

    I think there was as much investigation done on her as was her rivals, the press just didn’t see her coming (as most of the country) because McCain kept this secret close to the vest.

    Your dealing withsome who truly is an outsider, and if you want to run on “reform” you need an outsider who doesn’t have ties to lobbyists (such as you know who, running for VP in the other party)

    As I keep saying though, this is going to be a great campaign to watch from both sides…


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