The School Bus

Our two oldest children started school this week. Luca has been telling Lincoln what it means to be in school, and he’s been unable to contain his excitement for the last few days. But he’s certain he’s already figured it out. He’s convinced school is about:

  • Riding the Bus
  • Carrying a new Backpack

And when you’re in Kindergarten those are definitely two activities to get excited about. I enjoyed watching them both smile and giggle and tell each other stories about school tonight.

Their enthusiasm is contagious. They haven’t become jaded by the system or the politics or adults telling them what they can’t achieve. They are still little sponges soaking up bits and pieces of information along the way.

Lincoln told me tonight he wants to work at the zoo. Luca wants to play the piano. They believe they can become anything they want.

And that’s how it should be.


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5 thoughts on “The School Bus

  1. That’s exactly how it should be, you’re right. Although Abi is not even two yet, she is so interested in learning new things all the time. I have a friend that homeschools and she gave me the idea to do same educational activities with her. So that’s what we are going to start soon. Focusing on a book and a letter each week. Next week we start, and we are going to make ants out of egg cartons in honor of the letter A. I am excited. I think she will really enjoy having some organized learning. She likes structure. Thanks for the post reminding me how much I loved school.


  2. I agree, first day of school, new backpacks, new teachers… kinda of miss it and wish I had paid more attention to those moments when they were happening to me. That is one of the great things about kids, you can live that moment again from another perspective.


  3. Mine had to walk to school, the bus wasn’t running near enough to us. But I do love the enthusiasm they get in the beginning. Keep it up and let them know that there is no limit to what and where they go…


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