Sharp Aquos 52-inch LCD HDTV for $38?

I was hanging out on Twitter tonight when a user that goes by BCK mentioned that Amazon had HDTVs for incredibly low prices.

I checked it out and found a Sharp Aquos 52 inch model for $38.

I’m trying to write this with a straight face but it’s likely Amazon is having a few pricing/database issues.

But just in case it’s not an error I went ahead and placed an order for one.

screen_2008-09-06 20.33.07

Do you think they will cancel my order when they realize their mistake? I just received a confirmation email, but they have already fixed the price on the website.

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  1. Where the heck are you going to put a 52 inch screen? That’s pretty big. Of course if you have room on the wall by your computer desk, it makes a very nice and impressive computer monitor…LOL (My brother uses a 32 inch LCD for his computer, TV, Xbox, & Playstation)



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