Update on the $38 HTDV

It doesn’t exist. That’s according to the email I received this morning. Then again, I image received 3 emails today and each told a different story:

Email #1: Your order has been received. You’ll receive another email once your order has been sent from our warehouse.

Email #2: Sorry, we’ve canceled your order because our computers were naughty and listed the wrong price.

Email #3: Sorry, we can’t fulfill your order because we don’t carry the item you ordered.

Bummer. I was already picturing myself kicking back on the couch watching the the Hills and the Mole in HD.

5 thoughts on “Update on the $38 HTDV

  1. You actually watch the hills? I TiVo that all the time. I was starting to think I was the only guy to watch that. It’s a good show and the girls are hot 😉


  2. When I was looking for an HDTV I came upon a great deal as well. Didn’t pan out. Turnout just like yours. “Unavailable”. Bought one eventually. Got a Vizio. Made here in the OC…


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