Sears Coupon Comes With a Few Restrictions

We managed to visit the Lands End department at Sears today without a single child getting lost, throwing up in the store, or shoplifting merchandise. Hooray for us!

Lands End sent me a $50 gift certificate for the problems I encountered during our last visit. The girls picked out a few white long sleeved T-shirts. At least that’s what I thought they were until Kim corrected me. In reality, they are called “layering shirts” and their only purpose is to coax the kids into wearing other shirts on top of them. This must be one of those trends fashion challenged fathers are better off being left in the dark on.

After paying for our items, the friendly cashier handed me a receipt that, no kidding, is at least 4 feet long. I couldn’t tell what part of it was my receipt and what was coupons for other departments at Sears. I did manage to separate this one $5 coupon off my next “Kids Wear” purchase which is good on about anything…except the following 400 items.

Which is unfortunate because I was hoping to save $5 on my next water heater or propane tank purchase.

But that’s not what made me laugh. Check out the receipt below. Since when did Sears start selling beer and wine? Is there a Sears Tavern behind the automotive shop I never noticed?

Next time we visit Sears I’m going to ask to directions to the booze department.


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5 thoughts on “Sears Coupon Comes With a Few Restrictions

  1. It would have been shorter to list what things the coupon is actually good for. They’re killing trees!! I hate those extra-long receipts with nothing but gibberish on them.


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