Shampoo Selection

On the way home from dinner last night, we stopped by the Rite Aid because we were out of shampoo.

Well, we weren’t out of shampoo. image

In fact, we probably have enough shampoo in the house to last us three years. I have three brands of shampoo in my shower right now. Kim must have 4 times that many in her bathroom. And I won’t even get into the creams, balms, and conditioners we have lining the bathtub.

Yet whenever I use her shower I end up lathering a product into my hair that reacts like Liquid Plumber eating away at a hairball. What starts out as a light tingle on my scalp turns into a full blown inferno. Kim tells me these products strip the chemicals and residue out of my hair although it feels more like 500 red ants biting my scalp in unison.

If I look around long enough I’ll stumble upon a shampoo made for kids. Having clean, manageable hair that smells like bubble gum or root beer all day is a small price to pay.

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3 thoughts on “Shampoo Selection

  1. True story. My wife and kids were in the shampoo aisle of a local Wal-Mart many years ago. Let’s just say my Barb was afflicted with some random gas samples for a variety of reasons.
    It happened to be while one of my young daughters at the time was sniffing a shampoo bottle trying to decide which one.
    She said, and I quote, “Oh mama, let’s not get this shampoo. It smells like real poo.”


  2. I gave up picking out shampoo a long time ago. I just use which ever one my wife is no longer using. Currently the shampoo I am using is color safe. If only I colored my hair I would be in good shape.


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