Pull My Finger

I work with a bunch of very cool people. They travel around the world and return with all sorts of goodies which they graciously share with me. Last week I returned to my office to find two bars of my favorite chocolate. The kindness must have been contagious because I brought one of the bars home to share with Kim and the kids.

I share most things but I’m sure you’d understand my past lack of generosity if you could taste one square of this dreamy chocolate.

That same day someone also left this John McCain action figure on my desk. Nobody has come forward so I’m not sure whom to thank. But if you happen to be reading this I want you to know how much fun I’ve had bending his arms back and forth. If you look closely you’ll see the old Maverick’s nose is suffering from rug burn. If someone forced him to push a penny down the hall with his nose, I didn’t see a thing.


4 thoughts on “Pull My Finger

  1. He even looks better on your Blog page than on the store shelf! He was half off retail price while Obama was sold out.


  2. It would make a great Chew Toy for your Dog. Though if McCain wins you have to display him proudly until inaugaration day. Otherwise you will get bad MOJO!


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