The Mutant Weeble

I like to call this toy the Mutant Weeble. It’s similar to the Weeble I played with as a child except this one was made by a Russian toy company located near the Chernobyl reactor.

That’s not true but that’s the story I will tell my kids if they ask why his hands are different colors and only have 3 fingers.

This is Kai’s favorite toy, and he’s almost 12 months old.

It’s also my favorite toy, and I’m almost 492 month old.

Kai likes to sit on my lap while I’m at the computer. But only if the Mutant Weeble is close by.

Long live the toy with three oversized Skittles growing from his skull.


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One Comment

  1. Whoa, man. You’re old. What is it with me having men friends in their 40’s? (Assuming I can call you a friend.) Ohhhh. Right: It takes that long for men to grow up. ;-P



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