Laughter of the Soul

Anna was on the couch watching cartoons tonight while her brother and sister were in bed. Kim didn’t feel well today so she headed off to bed earlier than usual. That left me and the dog to make sure Anna was watching Dragon Tails instead of Dexter.

I decided this was as good a time as any to spend time with her. I figured she was a bit groggy and wouldn’t try to talk me into building a cushion fort. She was content to lay next to me on the couch as long as she could hog the big pillows and blankets. I was left with one tiny baby blanket and throw pillow.

Anna thought that was funny. I did too until my feet got cold and my head hurt from being propped up by a Fisher Price rotary play phone.


Anna is our third child. She’s also our most free-spirited and independent child. She’s a peacemaker when she wants to be but can hold her own against anyone. But she’s also our resident comedian who has never told a joke she herself didn’t find gut busting hilarious.

Whenever I’m around Anna I’m usually laughing. Like the time tonight when I fell off the couch or mispronounced the name of her favorite Backyardigan (it’s Pablo not Fabio).

But the laughter can be a problem when it starts at church or when Kim’s trying to get the kids down for the night. Lincoln laughs so hard we think he’s on the verge of passing out. It’s as if his body is too small to contain all that pent up fun and giggles. Anna knows this and puts on a show.

I love the joy and laughter our children bring to our home. Most of the time it’s a result of something only we’d find humorous. Like watching Anna dance until her pants fall down. But most of the time I have no idea why we are laughing. It’s not uncommon for the kids to bust out in laugher around the dinner table while Kim and I stare at each other trying to figure out just happened.

We seldom figure out why they’re laughing, but it doesn’t matter.

Because they can’t laugh without smiling.

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2 thoughts on “Laughter of the Soul

  1. Enjoy it and keep encouraging it. Our house has a lot of laughter as well. Not the young child laughter, but the “young at heart” type. Having mine as young adults the jokes are different but just as funny. Have fun…


  2. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. I have been blessed to have laughter around me since my earliest memory. My father was cracking jokes right up to his last days. I’m so grateful for those memories and so will your kids be when they look back to their childhood and remember the fun times.


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