Almost Ready to Roll

Doesn’t seem long ago when Kim and I wanted to take off for an afternoon in the city or a quick trip to Vancouver, we’d grab our Rollerblades and be on our way in minutes. The biggest challenge was figuring out where to go.

I miss those days.

Figure out where to go is the easy part now. Adding 4 kids to the mix adds much complexity to the travel preparation. To say that it takes us a lot longer to get on the road is an understatement. Here’s what it took to get moving today:

  1. Located kids shoes.
  2. Untied Anna’s shoes and put them on the right feet.
  3. Searched for three Nintendo DS systems.
  4. Broke up fight about who gets to use the black DS.
  5. Located DS games.
  6. Located coloring books.
  7. Reminded Anna she doesn’t need to bring 6 stuffed animals.
  8. Filled sippy cups.
  9. Reminded kids to grab jackets
  10. Stuffed forgotten jackets in oversized Timbuk 2 bag
  11. Strapped kids into car seats.
  12. Tossed stroller in back of van.
  13. Closed doors to van and pulled out of driveway.

Just in time to hear one of the kids say, “I need to go to the bathroom”.

That’s when Kim and look at each other. We know exactly what the other is thinking: “Is this worth it?”

A good rule of thumb in helping to determine that is to ask yourself if the outing will take more time than than the preparation.

And make sure to factor in the time it takes to get the kids and their gear out of the car when you return home. It always feels like we brought back twice the amount we left with.

My Rollerblades never argued, sang, whistled, stuffed Cheerios in the seats or took bathroom breaks.

But it’s fun to get out as a family. The kids enjoy the journey. Kim and I enjoy the few minutes we can hear each other talk.

If we’re lucky the kids will fall asleep.

As I pull into the driveway.

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5 thoughts on “Almost Ready to Roll

  1. LOL!! Yep completely normal.
    I can’t even tell you how many times I have been late to something because I forgot to account for the 15-20 minutes it takes just to get from, “Ok, let’s go,” to actually starting the car. Then of course you have to tack on another couple of minutes for the inevitable, “oh, I forgot…”


  2. I was rolling when I read this. Whenever we take a “road” trip to Utah I plan on at least 2 days of the “pack and load” process. And on the “just for the day” outings it seems we never plan on leaving at the time we said we would.


  3. Ha. That’s great. We will be thinking of you when we sleep in until 11, and then head up to SF for a nice, long day of rollerblading along the Embarcadero. 🙂


  4. Before we left to visit mom, she told my family not to let return to the house four or five times before pulling out of the driveway.
    I took offense to the accusation that I would actually slow our family departure.
    When it came to the appointed hour, I only returned to the house three times to retrieve forgotten items.


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