Skip With Us

Luca held my left hand while Anna held my right . We were making our way through the mall looking for something to eat we could all agree on.

Mission impossible.


In one ear I hear Luca chatting.

The other ear was getting a work out from Anna. 

“DAD! Nintendo. Pizza. DAD! Pants. Game. DAD! Pink. Candy”

It all starts to blend together.

But then we get to a section where the area is clear. No shoppers, strollers or kiosks selling blinking phone accessories.

That’s when I feel both my arms yanked forward in a violent motion.

“Skip with us, Dad! Come on!”

So the three of us skipped hand-in-hand through the mall last night.

That’s how I’d like to remember it anyway. Because if anyone saw us it probably looked like an an out-of-shape dad getting dragged through the food court by two cute little girls.

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