My Favorite Shirt

A couple of years ago I was wandering through Nordstrom looking for a dress shirt or two when I came across a rack of mock turtlenecks. I took a black one off the hanger, held it up to my chest and was immediately sold.

It’s made of 100% pima cotton that’s thick but not too thick. It stretches a bit but not too much. It goes well with jeans or Dockers. It’s the perfect shirt.


And of course, it’s black. One can never have too many friends or too much black in the closet.

So I bought a black mock that day and wore it everywhere. It become my favorite shirt. That was two years ago.

A few months ago I noticed the shirt had seen better days. The stitching along the neckline was beginning to fray. I could see small pieces of banding coming through. But that didn’t stop me from wearing it. It endeared itself to me more so.

But I began to look around for a replacement. I went to Nordstrom, but could not find the same style or brand. I had no luck searching online either. I was about to give up and try shirts from J. Crew or Lands End.

Then today I was walking through Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle and noticed a rack of full of my favorite shirt! Of course, I bought a black one. And navy.

Thirty bucks a shirt. What a steal.

I’m back in business.

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