Most Days

Most days I set my alarm for 6:30 am.

Most days Elka nudges my arm with her cold nose if I try to sleep in.

Most days I hog the hot water with a long shower.

Most days I get dressed without waking Kim.

Most days I open the door to the garage without waking the kids.

But not today.


Today Luca heard me leaving for work. She got out of bed and came downstairs as I was gathering my briefcase. She nudged herself close to me and put her head down. I could tell she was tired. Was everything OK?

I put down my briefcase and put my arms around her. She’s so warm and cuddly in the morning. In my rush to get out the door this morning I’d not given much thought to my family. I usually slip out unnoticed.

But today Luca noticed.

I picked her up and held her at eye level. She told me she misses me while she’s at school. I told her I miss her while I’m at work. She gives me a big hug around my neck. I kiss her forehead, and tell her we’ll see each other that night.

Most days I don’t give much thought to the time I spend away from my family.

But not today.

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