When Improved Vision is Secondary

The eye doctor pressed a magic button sending the chair as high as it would reach. Lincoln sat on the very edge of the cushion dangling his short legs over the front of the chair. 

He shot me a quick glance. I could see the concern in his blue eyes as if to say, “What’s this lady going to do to me?”

“Lean in just a little more so you can rest your chin here. Can you read the top line back to me?”


“Look straight ahead. Can you see any letters on the wall?”


“Good. Can you read the ones on top back to me?”


“Do you see any more?”


“Can you tell me what you see?”

“I see a G. And there’s an H. And that’s either a 5 or an E.  When are we gonna be done?”

I watched this same sequence of events take place over and over until the eye doctor had enough data to determine a prescription or become exhausted from Lincoln’s lacksidasical attitude towards the exam.


Lincoln takes life at his own pace. Frame by frame. That means life comes at him in a very methodical manner which may seem slow to some. But he possesses an uncanny ability to retrieve seemingly random details. One time Kim pointed out a turtle in a book and Lincoln shot back, “That’s not a turtle. It’s a desert tortoise”.

When the eye doctor finished the exam she pressed the button again until the chair was low enough for him to jump off.

“Do I get glasses? My sister got two glasses. But I didn’t get any. My mom said someday I might need glasses”

“You can see up close well. But with glasses, you’ll be able to see things that are further away”

The grin on Lincoln’s face stretched from ear to ear. He could barely contain his excitement as he bounded out the door to tell his mom, but mostly his older sister that HE WAS GETTING GLASSES!!

When you’re six years old, getting glasses is a big deal.

But getting glasses just like your big sister is MONUMENTAL.

When your children are close in age, it’s not uncommon for them to bring out each other’s competitiveness.

As we drove home, I overhead Luca tell Lincoln that, although he was getting glasses, she was able to read the smallest letters on the wall.

In a week Lincoln’s new glasses will be ready.

Two frames, of course. Just like his big sister.

One thought on “When Improved Vision is Secondary

  1. too cute!!! i remember when it was not cool to have glasses. i’m glad that your kids are both excited about having them.
    also, i just love you kids. they are so full of life!!!


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