The Blur on a Bike

I was shooting the basketball outside tonight when a blur went by on two wheels. The blur was giggling and yelling, “LOOK DAD!”

Well, I’ve seen this blur before. It’s the same one that sends me off to work each morning with a sore hand full of high fives. It’s the same one who has yet to put shoes on the right feet, and the one who blesses her brother’s butt during family prayer.


Anna Lynn brings a lot of joy into our lives along with a fair share of “Did she really just say that?” looks of bewilderment.It’s hard to explain the joy one derives from watching your children learn new skills, especially those which bring so many smiles.

But I was still surprised to see her zip around the cul-de-sac tonight on a bike without training wheels. Her brown hair flew in the wind as it stuck out from under her helmet. Her legs were peddling as fast as they could go as she gripped the handlebars in that awkward manner that says, “I’m new to this so watch out!”

That’s when I yelled out, “Hey, show me how you stop”.

She whipped around the corner and slammed into the door of the neighbor’s Ford Taurus.

I guess it’s time for a lesson on brakes.

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