Calling the Taco Bell Customer Hotline

While working late on my computer a few days ago, I decided to make a run for the border. The Taco Bell Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme was calling my name. It’s my favorite item on the menu. In fact, it’s the only item on the menu that I love.

Two features draw me to the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme:

  1. the spicy chicken
  2. easy to eat while driving

One can’t go wrong ordering a Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme day or night. So I found myself at the drive-thru late Saturday night. I ordered two Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supremes, and before I could place an order for a large Diet Pepsi, a voice came over the intercom announcing they only carry the Crunchwrap Supreme with beef.


I asked again just to be sure, but the gentleman working the window confirmed the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme has been removed from the menu.

So I decided to call the Taco Bell Customer Hotline to see who was responsible for this obvious oversight. I visited the Taco Bell website where I found the customer hotline (1-800-TACO-BELL). I dialed the number and was immediately connected with Cheryl, Taco Bell Customer Hotline Rep.

Here’s how the call unfolded:

Cheryl: Thank you for calling the Taco Bell customer hotline. This is Cheryl. Can I get your name and your phone number?

Me: (I give her my name and bogus phone number)

Cheryl: How can I help you today?

Me: I have a few questions concerning the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme which is my favorite item on your menu.

Cheryl: I’m sorry, we’re longer serving the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme.

Me: That’s why I’m calling. Do you know why it was yanked and when it’s coming back?

Cheryl: Decisions, such as what’s on the menu, are made at our corporate headquarters. I can’t confirm it’s ever coming back, but I will note that you’d like us to bring it back.

Me: Do you know the name of the person at corporate who made that decision? Maybe hearing it’s a favorite among my family and friends would change his mind.

Cheryl: I have no way of connecting you. Do you know that we still offer the original Crunchwrap Supreme with beef?

Me: Yes, but it’s the spicy chicken that makes it magical. Do you think if I called ahead, I could place a special order for the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme?

Cheryl: Sir, I’m sorry but we currently only offer the one with beef.

Me: So there’s no spicy chicken stash hiding in a freezer that could be unthawed and cooked up if I called ahead?

Cheryl: Uhhh….no.

Me: Have you taken many calls from customers like myself who have asked for the return of the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme?

Cheryl: Oh yes. Quite a few people have called in asking us to bring it back.

Me: What would you say the chances corporate decides to bring it back for the summer? Better than 50%?

Cheryl: Sir, I can’t say for certain. All I can do is pass on your suggestion to bring it back. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: Not today. Thank you for your time. Goodbye.

13 thoughts on “Calling the Taco Bell Customer Hotline

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you’re hysterical. Your greatness is totally underrated.


  2. You make me want to call the number just to be an arse. I’d complain about how they come up with some really awesome things and then they take them off of the menu to replace them with somewhat bland and uninspired items like that thing consisting of a whole pound of beans and rice on a weak and easily ruptured tortilla. Even if the beans and rice they used weren’t already pretty bad, overloading a stale flour only makes it work.

    It isn’t bad enough that this nasty monstrosity is often prominently displayed on their menu, it’s worse because other items are not totally gone. One example is how they no longer serve the chili-cheese burrito, an items that is easily made using three items they still make other menu items from; dry shredded cheddar, warm liquid chili, and stale flour tortillas.

    One item that doesn’t suck (so bad) replaced by many that really do.

    Oh well, at least they still have the mexi-melt. For now.


  3. Can you please say Spicy Chicken Cruncwrap Supreme one more time? I think you’re aiming to be number one on Google for that search term. Not that anyone would search it. Besides you. 😉

    You said “unthawed”. So, you want it frozen? LOL. I used to say “dethawed” ALL THE TIME. Defrost + thawed = dethawed. My aunt would nag me about it.

    Not Starburst funny but amusing still. Keep it up!


  4. I’ll never forget the day they removed the “Santa Fe Chalupa” from the menu.
    The Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap supreme was awesome, it was like getting one of everything on the Taco Bell menu. I’m sorry to see that it’s gone.

    I know a lot about consuming fast food tacos.
    PS – Don’t drink the blue mountain dew.


  5. Really?! The spicy chicken crunchwrap is off of the menu??? That’s my favorite too!
    And I definitely had quite a few of them in the week before I came home from college for the summer, which would be last week. 😛

    Maybe Taco Bell Hawaii hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet….


    1. Yep, they yanked the best item off their menu and I haven’t been back. It’s just not the same. Although I might go back if I hear they’ve posted some good signs.


  6. I have been SO UPSET since the took away the ONLY item that I go (had gone) to the Bell for. Why the hell would they take away the BEST ITEM on their menu for people who don’t eat beef?! I am SO mad every time that I pass a Taco Bell now, and I, like all of you, want to know WHO DO WE CALL TO BRING SPICY CHICKEN BACK?! And get an answer as to WHY they took it away?! A.S.A.P!


  7. buy the beef 1 and add spicy chicken and tell them to sub it you get your way:)my favorite it a potato and beef burrito add rice guacamole and steak


  8. i hate taco bell geuss what i am fat dont need them to tell me that even more….Saturday At 10:30pm Me began the younger and my family witch there are 4 of us. Me,My mom n dad<plus my bother as getting hugery we all work day and didnt feel like cooking well i reathier have cooked then went to taco belli went in and older 15 sotf tacos. they take my older and they girl working makes a comment ” Anyone who older 15 tacos r FAT!!” okie im 16 it made me realy mad but lets just think for a mintues if i was 9 years old what have they done like you dont no the affect of other people comments on little kids so kids wish to never come out of there bed room and asked to get homeschool wait mostr of them grow up with eating disolders!! We could provent this whaqt if it was your kids come to the store and some told them that how upset will that kid be? but back to the day… this gurl didnt get fired or even with leave now that not rigth a person could take another person life like that ever think why most over weigth teebagers dont make it throw high school???ask your self about this and think how you wold feel!!


  9. Now that they have a “spicy chicken crunchwrap slider” on the menu, you can get them to substitute spicy chicken in the traditional crunchwrap supreme and it’s back!


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