Extra Mild Sauce at Del Taco

Del Taco is a member the “bang for the buck” Fast Food Hall of Fame. Kim swears by their 1/2 pound burritos. Lincoln loves their tacos. And I like to put mild sauce on their crinkle fries.

I’m talking cheap rather than healthy.

Doesn’t matter what we order at Del Taco, they never give us enough of their Mild Sauce; a sauce so good it deserves to be capitalized.

As I went through the drive-thru last night I reminded the young man working the window that we’d appreciate a lot of Mild Sauce. When he handed me our bags of food, he said, “Here’s a bag with Mild Sauce”.

We pulled around into the parking lot and ate our food. Kim and I used about ten packets of Mild Sauce, but we had a lot left over. But it wasn’t till we returned home that we noticed how much sauce was left over.

Today, I pulled out the bag and placed the packets on our kitchen table. The kids gathered around as if I were organizing Halloween candy.

Luca counted 67 packets left over from last night.

I’m considering handing them out to the kids this Halloween.