Luca is reserved and structured. She likes order. Dislikes change. She keeps us guessing.

Anna is nothing like that. She wears her emotions on the surface. She’s a burst of energy and giggles and smiles.

And occasional trouble. Like when she asked a friend from church why he had more hair on his arm than his head.

One benefit from having more than one child is seeing how they interact with each other. Anna can barely contain her excitement when Luca returns from school.

Luca acts like a bear hug is no big deal.

But her smile tells me otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. LOL “….for a change!” I have two sons, who despite the five year age difference (now 18 & 23) and the arguments- they ALWAYS have each others' backs – so there is hope and definitely something to look forward to…as I will to you next posts, I am really enjoying them!


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