9 Reasons to Eat Yogurt

I enjoy frozen yogurt. I had one tonight after we had dinner at PhoThai in Federal Way. During dinner, the following sign hung on the wall over our table.


As much as I enjoy yogurt, I’ve never said to Kim, “Hey, let’s grab a yogurt to keep our colons healthy” or “Guess what refreshing dessert reduces yeast infections?”

Maybe 9 reasons is a stretch and 6 would have done the trick? Either way, I couldn’t help but think of the brainstorming session that took place in order to come up with reasons. Can you imagine those that didn’t make the grade?

The sign makes it appear as if fresh raspberries are a topping option. But you’d be wrong if you assumed that like I did when I asked what fruit toppings were available.

“Oreos and almonds except we’re out of almonds”

“OK, I’ll go with the Oreos”

One other nice touch is the red tape over the word, “Sample”. It makes sense because if you’re suffering from an intestinal infection, you’ll want to jump immediately to the full size offering and skip the sample.

5 thoughts on “9 Reasons to Eat Yogurt

  1. Nothing says appetizing like reminding people of digestion, colons, and yeast infections. Although it must have worked (as you saw the sign in dinner and still ordered dessert).


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