Making WordPress Mobile Phone Friendly

Over the past year I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the number of visitors to my blog are using the iPhone or other mobile phone. As much time as you put in making your blog look great on a large monitor, it may still look strange and load slowly on mobile phones.

Enter WPtouch for WordPress.

WPtouch is a plugin for WordPress that makes your site more accessible to mobile phones. It loads fast and looks fantastic. I’ve had a number of people email asking why my site looks so good on their phone, and I point them to this plugin. I’m convinced I have at least one reader who visits my blog mainly because it looks so sweet on her iTouch. At least, that’s what she tells me.

Here’s how my blog looked before I installed WPtouch. The text is small and difficult to read, and a lot of scrolling is required to read more than the most recent post.


With WPtouch installed, here’s the first page a visitor using a mobile user will see. This makes it easy to select from a number of posts including the latest. One quick finger flick and one has access to a few weeks worth of posts.


And here’s the same article as above as viewed in WPtouch. It’s perfectly formatted for my screen. I don’t have to pinch and pull the content in order to read it. It makes for a much better visitor experience.


One other feature I like about WPtouch is that it gives the reader the choice to turn off the plugin and view the site in its native formatting. I can’t think of many reason one would do that but it’s a welcome option to have.

If you have manage your own WordPress blog, I highly recommend WPtouch. It’s free and a cinch to install. It has a number of options you can fiddle around with, although I leave all settings at their defaults.

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