Everyday Products

Every morning I stumble out of bed. Our boxer hears my steps and jumps off the couch begging me to let her outside which I do before heading downstairs to take a shower.

And there, looking back at me, is the $3 shower curtain. It’s light brown. Or tan or maybe off-white. Whatever the color, it’s the UGLIEST shower curtain liner I’ve seen.


I’m not sure what I was expecting from a three dollar liner, but it’s a worthless piece of plastic. I’d be better off hanging a large black garbage bag from the plastic hooks. It doesn’t hang straight, include crease marks or cling to the side of the shower worth a darn.

This brings me to a new rule I’m going to follow starting today: Don’t skimp on products I use every day.

I should have have skipped right over that three buck liner at Fred Meyer and settled on the designer model three times its price. Who can put a price on fancy sea shells first thing in the morning?

Do you use any products each day that provide more frustration than value?

Well, other than a phone running Windows Mobile.

2 thoughts on “Everyday Products

  1. I used to buy the $3 plastic shower curtain liners and change them about every 3 months. I had to squeegee it dry after each shower to keep it from getting moldy. Throwing away that much plastic just didn't seem right, either. Finally, about 5 years ago, I spent $12 on a washable shower curtain liner at Bed Bath & Beyond. Haven't looked back since. Now I can throw it in the wash with a little bleach whenever it needs it and hang it right back up. It dries nicely by itself. The best part? That same washable liner is still in use. 🙂


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